Welcome to the Edgewater Plaza Condominium Association

The Edgewater Plaza is a private condominium community located on East Lake, Okoboji, with convenient access to all of the area restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. The Edgewater Plaza is comprised of six buildings with 64 living units and 25 garages.  Amenities include over 400 feet of pristine shoreline, extensive dock system, heated swimming pool, and the best green space in the Iowa Great Lakes. 

***Pool Update***

May 20, 2024

Over the winter the decision was made to switch companies providing pool service to Edgewater.


The past couple of years saw some inconsistencies which resulted in disappointing service and a lack of quality in our pool. When we looked for other options we found that a new company was starting, Okoboji Pool Company, which both excited me and made me nervous at the same time.


In April Staci and I, along with assistance from Rick O’Brien and Brett and Shan Ray, drained and power washed the pool, the pool deck and the fence. In that process we discovered that our previous pool company may have neglected to thoroughly clean the main drains over the past few years which resulted in Brett ruining his shop vac sucking three containers of leaves and paint chips from as far up the pipe as he code reach with his vacuum hose.


The Okoboji Pool Company has now replaced the sand filter and rooted out the drain completely. In addition, we replaced the salt cell in the line for treatment of the water. If you happen to see Angie or her sister Gretchen from the Okoboji Pool Company working on things, feel free to encourage them and thank them for their hard work. Not only have they had to clean up a bit of a mess but they had to deal with me constantly bugging them.


During the power washing and subsequent acid wash on the pool interior we cleaned the faulty patches from last year and proper repairs were made. They look great. Where paint chipped off the walls and bottom a layer of concrete repairing agent was applied and allowed to set for several days. Painting on the interior was completed last week and we expect to see the pool being filled on Tuesday. The top edge of the pool will be trimmed as well and the pool should be open for the weekend.


***Click here to see the Okoboji Pool Company post on Facebook of their work on the Edgewater Plaza pool - before and after pics***


The decision was made to wait until fall to paint the pool deck so that will not look as nice as I had hoped. We did blast away several loose sections but it isn’t in horrible shape. The plan is to really clean it up nice and paint it in the fall so it can sit all winter and look excellent in the spring. Our primary concern as we saw the issues internally was to get the pool open on time and working properly while avoiding the craziness we experienced last year.


I firmly believe that this year will see a clear pool with proper circulation and filtering so that we can all enjoy it throughout the entire season.


I am back in town on Thursday. If the deck chairs are not out, Staci and I plan to clean them and place them so that by Friday morning they will look great.


I hope this provides everyone with a good overview of where we are with the pool. A lot has been done that you cannot see right now but hopefully as the season opens you will be happy with the results.


See you this weekend.


Tim Nobles, Vice President and Buildings, Grounds, and Pool

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